We help the German Mittelstand become digital category-leaders
Digital Transformation + Platform Economy + Business Building
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About Understand Innovation
Understand Innovation is a global corporate innovation platform including 50+ leading experts from Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Berlin and many other ecosystems. We get together in order to help the German Mittelstand grow their companies sustainably in the digital age.

Together, we are your partner for Digital Transformation & New Business Building.
Our beliefs
1) Every company will be a digital company in future.
2) Platforms & Ecosystems will dominate every industry.
3) Companies need to follow a Dual Transformation approach.
Our services
We help our clients transform their core and build entirely new digital revenue streams.
1) Knowledge Transfer
We help our clients build up the required innovation know-how through keynotes, seminars, our online academy as well as learning journeys to Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, London and Berlin.
2) Digital Transformation
We help our clients create a digital vision and execute a variety of initiatives that lead towards the future state of their company. We focus on cultural, organizational, individual, commercial and operational transformations.
3) Digital Product Building
We help our clients build rapid prototypes for new digital products and services, which are focused on outstanding user experiences. You get quicker, cheaper and better solutions than you can ever build within the legacy business.
4) Platform Incubation
We help our clients create a platform strategy, identify the right platform model as well as support the execution of the new venture. Every industry will be platformized sooner or later, so don't wait and build an industry-dominating company.
"Ironically, in a rapidly changing world, playing safe is one of the riskiest things you can do."
Reid Hofmann - Serial Entrepreneur and VC
What will you get?
If you work with us, we always make sure you have...
Employees who are ready to deliver
We make sure you have a multidisciplinary team that understands innovation. Innovation is a mindset + a toolset + a skillset. We will provide you all of these.
The right innovation structure
Innovation mostly fails because it is not structured properly. We help you implement the best practices tailored to your individual organization and culture.
A clear vision
You can work with us from ideation to scale or just during selective sequences of the process. In any case, we make sure all initiatives are aligned to a clear vision.
Meet our experts
Every project is individual, so are our project teams.
Daniel Tyoschitz
Holistic Transformation
Hamidreza Hosseini
Platforms & Ecosystems
Karsten Knechtel
Agile Strategy
Katharina Meiler
Agile Strategy
Mark Zawacki
Silicon Valley Insights
Daniel Hinz
FinTech Innovation
Julia Adrian
Rapid Prototyping
Christian Kofler
Agile Coaching
Dr. Bettina Maisch
Design Thinking
Daniel Sattel
Internet of Things
Gerald Janes
Innovation Journeys
Marcy Axelrod
Customer Journey
Andre Guyer
InsurTech Innovation
Dr. Thomas Arend
Digital Products
Tobi Gutmann
Corporate Venturing
and many more
Why choose us?
We are no typical consultants, who give great advice and leave when it gets difficult. We desire to be your partner along the journey, especially during difficult times. And trust us, it will be difficult.
Subject Matter Expertise
Our ecosystem brings together the world's most knowledgable people from various domains in order to offer the very best insights and solutions to our clients.
Global Innovation Access
We live in the most vibrant startup ecosystems like Silicon Valley or Tel Aviv and can quickly open doors to relevant partners and technologies.
Holistic Methodology
Based on decades of experience and self-conducted research, we have developed a broad variety of frameworks that help companies grow sustainably.
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Corporate Innovator Academy!

We have build an eight weeks long online course to help companies teach their executives and high potentials everything they need to know in the digital age. Our graduates get certified as Corporate Innovators.

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Business Model Innovation, User-Centric Design and New Technologies are the core building blocks of our work.
We are your partner from idea to prototype and from launch to scale.
Before you leave, we want you to remember:

1) It's all about customer attention and data.
2) Ideas are worth nothing, execution is king.
3) Everything that can be digitized, will be digitized.
4) Either you become a disrupter, or will be disrupted.
5) True innovation can only be created from the outside.
6) Your worst competitor won't emerge from your industry.
7) Most initiatives will fail, this is why you need to launch several.
8) Failure is the basis of learning – the more you fail, the faster you go.
9) Unless you don't change your people, you don't change your company.
10) Corporates are no large versions of startups, they require different approaches.

Daniel Tyoschitz
CEO, Understand Innovation
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Daniel Tyoschitz, CEO